Fresh vegetable and fruit juice! Extract your own juice of good vegetables and fruits: a very natural way of feeding our body cells.

The Jazz Max juice extractor is an excellent way of feeding our body cells with good nutrients, and of avoiding an overload of fiber once in a while in order to rest our digestive system. The taste of home-made juices has no comparable taste match, even with the best organic bottled juices. With an extractor (as opposed to a juicer), it is possible to make basil or parsley juice. Fiber vegetables, such as fennel or celery, are as easy to make. You will drink natural and pure vitality.

You will be able to softly mix food (even hard one such as raw pumpkin) to make almost raw soup in no time. In a sleight of hand, you will be able to make jelly and sorbet with genuine flavour, taste and color.

Thanks to its “Grind” function, Jazz Max makes cashew nut, sunflower or almond paste as well as legume paste for your veggie pâtés (hummus for example). Jazz Max gives incomparable texture.

You can order it from Body to Soul in white (345€) or black chrome-plated & the new Jazz wine (360€).

Possible discount with a minimum order of 6 machines.

Jazz-Max : extracteur de jus

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