Massage initiatique

It's is a remarkable way towards a full awareness of your body and a powerful healing tool of the fundamental wounds of the Being.

A path towards a profound and long lasting wellbeing

Laurence talks about it (in French) on RTL:


How does it work?

This unique massage addresses the entirety of the Being through the four levels of consciousness:

  • physical,
  • emotional,
  • mental,
  • spiritual.

It balances and harmonises those four essential levels and helps us to gradually come to a feeling of inner unity thanks to a deep letting-go. Each level is a means to access one dimension of our body. The massage can be deep and energising or extremely soft and soothing depending on the level it addresses. 
Our body registers all emotions that we go through since our conception. The Massage Initiatique makes it possible to free ourselves of the burdens we have sometimes been carrying for long.

A Massage Initiatique® session:

  • 2 hour session to enable a profound letting-go
  • Use of the fore arms, not only the hands, to realise the moves
  • The intention: a word, a sentence that gives a direction to the massage and intensify its effects
  • A short conversation in order to adapt the massage to your needs & exchange our experience after the massage
  • A continuous training: every month Laurence is supervised by Philippe Mouchet, creator of the Massage Initiatique®
  • Adapted products : organic oil and essential oils of the highest quality
  • A green touch : bamboo textiles, magnetised filtered water, recycled papers

For whom?

The Massage Initiatique is for everybody (also children) who wants to get to know themselves better. It helps to anchor a rational realization in the body. It is the way towards a more profound, harmonious, and lasting well-being. Pregnant women will enjoy the possibility of releasing tensions caused by the pregnancy and will find a better balance before and after giving birth. It is also particularly appropriate to people suffering from work stress or different kinds of anxiety (food, panic attacks, etc.). The massage is reunifying and enables to reconnect with one’s body.

This massage will make you experience a unique way to reconnect with your inner self.

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Laurence Fischer

Formée par Philippe Mouchet, le compositeur du Massage Initiatique, et forte de 8 années d’expérience de consultations en cabinet privé, Laurence Fischer vous propose un véritable chemin d’évolution vers la pleine conscience de votre corps à travers le massage. C’est un puissant outil de guérison des blessures fondamentales de l’Être.

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Take an appointment

Individual consultations on appointment only.

By Email

By phone

0484 361 624


Questions or want to meet Laurence prior to your appointment? Possibility of a free preliminary interview (about 15 minutes) in order to answer directly your questions and get to know each other a bit better.


€120 per session. One session lasts 2 hours.

Possibility to discover this massage in a shorter session (1 hour) for €70. The 1 hour session is also the best format for children.

A special gift ?

With a gift certificate (valid for a 2 hour or 1 hour session of Massage Initiatique), give your family & friends a special treatment!
The beneficiary of this gift certificate can book their appointment at their convenience, by either emailing or phoning in. With this certificate in hand the person will profit from a free massage.

How ?
Contact Laurence Fischer by phone 0484 361 624 from Monday to Friday between 9 & 10 am or by email.

To change or cancel an apointment

In order for people to benefit from an appointment, thank you for cancelling or changing your appointment at least 48 hours ahead! Otherwise, I will have to ask you to pay for your session.

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