Eat well, be well: Individual healthy food coaching

For a deep durable improvement of your wellbeing, sooner or later, you will need to address your eating habits. Quite a large part of the Massage Initiatique® session is often spent discussing clients’ eating habits. Rest assured, there is no mention of calories or diets, but rather a focus on helpful, practical and actionable advice. The goal is to help you move towards healthier food choices and increase your vitality: Healthy eating is healthy living!

Step by step, we will identify your needs and establish a customised programme based on your profound nature.

These sessions may focus on practical advice or simple healthy recipes, and can be followed-up by practical workshops.

An interview explaining about my approach (in French)

If this video doesn't play, click on profil alimentaire - vidéo Laurence Fischer.

For an appointment, please make your request by email and prior to our meeting please send me the following:

blood type

answers to those 2 questionnaires: Test de profilage métabolique et Julia Ross Symptom Questionnaire (click on the links to download the pdf)

write 3 days of what you eat and drink on a .doc word document (indicate at what time you eat and drink and the quality of you food - industrial or natural)

Other coaching activities related to healthy eating

Laurence Fischer can also help you prepare a period of detoxification or a week of fasting. She can also accompany your return to soulful nourishment.


  • Assisting you in your choice of detox program: dietary fasting, single-food diet, healthy eating or fruit and vegetable juice-based program,
  • Preparing your fasting or diet menu, including preparatory phase, and/or food reintroduction,
  • Helpful, healthy hints to assist you during your detoxification,
  • Prolonging the benefits of your diet or fast through Massage Initiatique®

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Laurence Fischer

Depuis 10 ans en réforme alimentaire, Laurence à acquis une expérience de terrain significative. Après la formation de coach en alimentation saine de Taty Lauwers, elle est actuellement en formation au CERDEN. Elle continue d'organiser avec dynamisme des ateliers pratiques de nourritures vraies et est en train de développer une méthode d'audit du contenu de vos placards et frigo. Découvrez comment s'alimenter en conscience !

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Individual consultations on appointment only.

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0484 361 624


Healthy eating coaching

Coaching = food profile + analyzing 2 questionnaires + 1h30 appointment the first time + a written report + all documentation needed = 200€

Skype ?

The coaching can also be done by phone or skype.

To change or cancel an apointment

In order for people to benefit from an appointment, thank you for cancelling or changing your appointment at least 48 hours ahead! Otherwise, I will have to ask you to pay for your session.

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