Causal foot reflexology

What is causal reflexology ? An entirely new approach.

Laurence Fischer is trained by An De Mulder, founder of “causal foot reflexology”. After her 4 year training, Laurence can help you find the cause of your unbalance, put movement again in your system and ease some of your complaints.

It is a very powerful tool of health prevention!

It differs from classical foot reflexology in many ways:

  • profoundness
  • causal reasoning
  • search for links
  • treatment of emotions and conflicts linked to organs
  • collaboration with osteopaths

The technique

The technique is very specific. The touch is very profound. The rhythm of the touch is adapted to every case. If some parts hurt it is needed to search for the causal zones. Other zones are sometimes so exhausted that they need to be "woken up".
The deep knowledge of the nervous system enables to solve disequilibrium caused by stress.
 Organs are also linked to emotional zones in the brain.

As the Massage Initiatique, this reflexology works towards unfolding personal harmony.

La réflexologie plantaire Causale sus au stress !

Article de presse - Bioinfo - octobre 2012

La Réfléxologie Causale Plantaire Sus au stress ! (lire l'article - PDF) 

Laurence Fischer trained 4 years with An De Mulder, founder of “causal foot reflexology”. She started intuitively and results were so satisfying that very soon a lot of people came to her for a consultation.
An De Mulder got trained in anatomy and physiology at the "Parnas Institute in physiotherapy". She studies all the time for the past 20 years and she works closely with two osteopaths.

The training goes on with advanced weekend practice on specific topics.

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Laurence Fischer

Laurence a suivit les 4 ans de formation avec An De Mulder, fondatrice de la “réflexologie plantaire causale”. La formation continue sous forme de weekends d'approfondissement, avec des thèmes spécifiques.

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A foot reflexology session lasts about 1 hour (€70)
The first session lasts 1h30 and costs 80€.

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With a gift certificate, give your family & friends a special treatment!
The beneficiary of this gift certificate can book their appointment at their convenience, by either emailing or phoning in. With this certificate in hand the person will profit from a free massage.

How ?
Contact Laurence Fischer by phone 0484 361 624 from Monday to Friday between 9 & 10 am or by email.

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In order for people to benefit from an appointment, thank you for cancelling or changing your appointment at least 48 hours ahead! Otherwise, I will have to ask you to pay for your session.

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